Who We Are

About The Founder: Christopher Ormson

I was born in 1981 in Spokane, Washington. I was given up for adoption three months after I was born to another family in Washington state. I was a normal kid even though I did not live in the best of circumstances, by the time I was fourteen years old I was sent to a boarding school. My time at the boarding school was a weight I carried for years and I still get flashbacks to that time to this day. Within the walls of that boarding school I was physically, mentally, and sexually abused, I was afraid to speak out and when I did my adoptive parents didn't believe me. In 1999 I left that boarding school but I held on to that pain for twenty-one years until I spoke out. I spoke out on January 3'rd, 2021 on a podcast called The Jon DiVito Show who at the time gave me the platform to tell my story about being in that hellacious "school" when I left that school there was no help but now there is and that's why I'm starting The Forgotten No More.

Where we are today

I am happily married with two children there was a time where I thought I could never be happy or have this life but here I am and with the help of The Forgotten No More we can turn around the lives of thousands of children and young adults throughout the United States.